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Nonya Flavours

Malaysia is famous for its distinctive Nonya cuisine. This book includes 150 original Nonya recipe handed down through several generations. Every recipe is illustrated step-by-step to the exacting standards of the Nonyas.


The Star Street Food Guide

This book is an edited and updated compilation of the popular mini food guides which comes free with Flavours, the food and lifestyle magazine published by the Star. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the state, including historical and physical descriptions. Maps are provide to help the reader locate the state's best street food stall.


At Home with Amy Beh 1

More than 100 recipes of Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes are included in this publication. Popular Western dishes are also featured. The recipes are well illustrated with pictures of the prepared dishes as well as step by step instructions for the more difficult dishes. Amy Beh writes a regular column for The Star and is acknowledged as one of the best food columnists in Malaysia.


At Home With Amy Beh 2

In this sequel to her highly popular maiden effort, At Home with Amy Beh 2 features another 130 original recipes Amy's personal culinary chest.


Between Blood & Bombs

Shahanaaz Habib,a Malaysian journalist, with The Star writes, from firsthand experience, about the war in Iraq. Her journal provides glimpses of the quagmire, from the perspective of the innocent victims whose lives are fraught with endless danger, and also that of the combatants.


Living Well

This book is a compilation of articles in the Fit For life sections in the Sunday Star, The articles, written by medical experts, explore various health issues, offering useful insights and suggestions on how to live right and live well.


Come to Class with Adibah-SPM Bahasa

An invaluable guide for SPM students and learners of Bahasa Malaysia as the lessons cover a wide range of common errors and finer points of the language. Adibah Amin is a respected writer and former journalist who is fluent in both Bahasa Malaysia and English.


Success in SPM Additional Mathematics by Sunny Yee

This is an excellent revision handbook for Additional Mathematics. The book provides exercises that are designed to help students answer questions more effectively. Sunny Yee writes a regular column in the Education section of Sunday Star and widely acknowledged for his teaching skills.



A visual time capsule containing some of the most important,memorable and inspiring images of people,landmarks and events of the last four decades as captured by our team of award winning photographers.


Perak Good Food Guide

This is the first comprehensive food guide of Perak, covering the Ipoh city centre and its suburbs, and all towns big and small where there is good food, from Lenggong in the north to Sitiawan and Tanjung Malim in the south. The Perak Good Food Guide leads you to over 180 hugely satisfying eats, from the famous Ipoh white cofee and sar hor fur to the yummy, but litte known sar kok liew.


Hidden Mysteries Of The Face

Madam Zorra writes a popular column in Star Weekender entitled Face Fortune. The book enlightens readers on the dictionary of the face,where the road map of life is written.Each face feature has a meaning and Madam Zorra explains how it can assist us in our daily lives.


Food For Your Eyes

Food For Your Eyes aims to educate the public about the prevention of age-related macular degeneration (AMD)through diet. This bilingual book (English- Chinese) translates recent scientific research of dietary methods to prevent AMD into simple recipes for the Asian diet. AMD is the leading cause of blindness in developed countries and the incidence is rising as Asia'a population gets older.



This book is a collection of some of the best halal fare that Sam has encountered along the culinary journey that he enjoys so much.


Penang's History, My Story

The latest book by Wong Chun Wai takes us through a journey of the streets of Penang. History comes alive as Wong shares his personal stories growing up in his beloved hometown. The book sheds light on facets of Penang’s history that are not known to many. Compiled from the series he wrote for the Metro section of The Star, the book also comes with the bonus sharing by Chun Wai’s friends who also come from Penang. This book is a must-read not only for Penangites but for all Malaysians who treasure the need to keep history alive. Proceeds from the sale of this book go to charity.